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How to Save Money from Your Car Rental Costs


With the escalating rates in car rentals, it is certain that there are times wherein the rate is no longer worth the suitability and ease. Without a doubt, the increasing price of the gasoline at the pump has something to contribute with the increasing car rental fees. On the other hand, a lot of us don't understand that what makes it so expensive is because of the hidden charges. And these charges can definitely add about 50 percent of what you are going to pay for.


A lot of the car rental agencies will not inform you about this matter, on the other hand, a lot of the hidden charges are discretionary. By means of removing the car rental bill, you can save a lot of money on this. In this article, you will know what these hidden charges are, what they signify and how you can get out of your way from it.


The airport surcharges as well as taxes are what most of the Rental Cars Auckland institutions will charge you with additional money because of the ease that presents from picking the car rental right from the airport. And this additional service takes in about 10 percent of your car rental bill. The reason why these companies will charge you more if you want the car to be brought at the airport is because of the concession fees and taxes. The car rental companies will have to disburse for the concession fees to the management of the airport each time they will bring the car at the airport. In addition, the agency will also be asked to pay for the business tax to the local government for having a business at the airport.


A lot of the airports and a couple of Rental Cars Christchurch Airport companies will offer free shuttle services that have fixed routes. To take away these hidden charges from your car rental bill, be sure to benefit from this free service and have the car parked in a place that is away from the airport. By this method, you will be able to lessen your car rental bill and not obtain any extra charges for an additional service.


The loss damage waiver or collision damage will cost about 10 to 25 US dollars that you have to pay each day so as to prevent any responsibilities for the damages on your car rental provided that the damage was not brought by gross disregard.


A whole heap of credit card insurances and car insurances will cover the car rental as a part of their normal coverage. So know whether your insurance company covers car rentals. Discover more facts about car rental at