Car Rentals

Basic Considerations When Choosing A Car Hire Company


Renting a car either abroad or at home can probably be a lifesaver bringing convenience as well as savings to your costs. Listed below is a checklist of things that you must take into account as you are finalizing car hire.


Driver's license - expect for your license to be requested by the new zealand car rental company for every lease. You must be sure that your license is held for a certain period according to local conditions and legislations and at the same time, it's issued by your country of residence. In addition to your driving license, international driving license would be mandatory in the event that your license is written in a different language to the one of renting country and/or it is in characters that can't be read in renting country.


Credit card - for authorization purposes, all travelers are mandated to provide a credit card. In most instances, the rental company will hold a particular amount that is calculated according to how long the rental is, applicable rate including incidental charges such as gasoline, tax and the likes. This amount is not debited but is blocked and generally released several days after rental and that all of charges are settled down.


Identification documents - if you're renting cars abroad, your national identity card or a valid passport should be carried all the time. While the said items are necessary for Rental Cars Christchurch companies, below are tips that you have to consider before you choose such rental company.


Number 1. Insurance - it is recommended to have insurance while it can be costly in other countries because this serves as protection to unforeseen expenses. Reputable and well known car rental companies include third party insurance, which is used in covering third party property as well as cars but doesn't cover the vehicle you're driving. Hence, it will be advisable always to buy even basic insurance as it is going to be more affordable solution if there's damage even if you must pay extra.


Number 2. Thoroughly check the rental car - before driving away, be sure that the car is free from any internal and external damages. And as an added safety precaution, consider taking photos of the vehicle as a proof. Watch this video at for more facts about car rentals.


Number 3. Equipment and extras - it's best that you have a navigation system such as a GPS to avoid losing on your way and waste time while you're on new ground. It will certainly be a cheaper option to have GPS but there are occasions that this feature is already included in the package being offered by the car hire company.